Tuesday, February 9, 2016

copper mug and coffee at home.

I have been smitten over the, oh so trendy, copper mugs for quite a while now. I was overjoyed when I received a chance to review a free cup in exchange for a blog post.  

This mug is all its hype and more! It is pretty by its self, and even more dreamy filled with coffee.

Thanks to having the good 'ol gallbladder removed I have had to give up putting real cream in my coffee...sad day. 

I started heating up my milk and then adding about a tsp. of sugar and blending it up with my hand mixer. This makes all the difference when making coffee at home...it taste just like a coffee house and it didn't cost me $4. 

Why choose a copper mug? 

Temperature control...cold stays cold...and hot stays hot. This particular copper mug is "100% PURE COPPER MUG - Made with Pure, HIGH QUALITY Copper. The mug is NOT Copper Plated or Lined with Other Metals or Coatings Ensuring Your Drinks Stay Contaminate Free and True to the Mug's History"

Would you ever purchase a copper mug?

You can pick up your copper mug, here. 

I received this mug free of charge, but all views are my own. 

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