Wednesday, January 13, 2016

banana peppers + melted cheese + bacon + letters.

Dear Mezzetta, I love your banana peppers. They tasted even better stuffed with cheese and then wrapped in bacon...and then cooked.

Dear Husband, Thanks for the idea of stuffing these pepper.

Dear Lyla, Thanks for sneaking into the kitchen and eating all the bacon off the peppers when I wasn't looking.

Dear Elisabeth, You saw these were the color green and wouldn't even give them a chance.

Dear Jude, You can catch a break buddy, first the stomach pink weren't up for eating...or trying something new.

Dear Brooklyn, You'll eat anything.

Dear smoke detector, You're the most horrible thing ever. You go off all the time. I cook bacon you go off. I allow any heat or stream to rise from a pan you go off, I heat up the oven WITH NOTHING IN IT you go off. Seriously, you suck. I'm over you. I'm cooking, for crying out loud NOT burning the house down! You're like the little boy who cries wolf...I don't even think I would believe you if you started going off for a real emergency. 

Dear Readers, Be sure to make these for a game day treat! Have a homegating party and whip up this easy and yummy snack. Feel free to swap out the banana pepper for something with a little more spice. Also don't wrap too much bacon...once around will do the trick...or else the outside bacon will be cooked and the inside will be raw. 

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