Wednesday, January 13, 2016


New year, new you?

Are there any stress factors in your life? I can name a fact I can name four.

I was on time to church for once in 8 years, I had a calm relaxing morning, I didn't yell, I got to drink my coffee hot. It's because 3 out 4 of my children weren't home. I love them, they're my favorite...but raising tiny humans can cause the stress levels to rise. Its also winter...and cold...and its been like a week since I've seen the sun. 

Have you ever heard of Natrol 5-HTP? I hadn't. In fact, I had to google it. 

Turns out its a mostly safe, and none-drug way to booth your mood. I say, mostly safe, because anything you take, eat, wear, touch, or breath could have a side effect. Be sure to chat with your Dr. before taking. 

Natrol 5-HTP...

Helps brighten mood 
Helps increase serotonin levels 
Is Drug-free, plant-derived mood enhancement 
helps control appetite  
Natrol 5-HTP Fast Dissolve technology has been clinically tested and absorbs up to 66 percent more of the 5-HTP active ingredient compared to other competing tablets 

Would you ever try a product like this? Here is a COUPON to help if your interested.

What stresses you out? 

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