Wednesday, October 21, 2015

private writing.

Grammar. Can we talk about it? I am embarrassed at some of my early post...ok and some of my current. Typos, typos, and grammar errors...oh my! 

I am a smart intelligent person. My problem? I have four children...who interrupt me every 1.5 seconds. Blogger doesn't really have a great grammar check...and I'm a Mac there is no Microsoft Word on my computer. I depend only on myself...and can't remember where I put my coffee this morning...soooooo.

Have you heard of Basically Private Writing is a blogger, writer, or students dream. Where was this website when I was in college? I took 24 hours my last two semesters in school, the last thing I had time to do was edit and proofread all my papers...and there were a lot of them.

They offer services in proofreading. Don't have time to fully proofread your paper, presentations, or projects? They can do it for you! Do you remember when you used to peer edit in school? It kinda the same thing...except these people have degrees. 

They offer business and students top of the line help with power points. Even if you are expert in powerpoint presentations, you can still benefit from their help. Experts can actually help you build a custom presentation.

Do you write grants? They offer services to help with that process. So even if you have a top notch idea you might not know how to achieve that goal. They are here to help!! They can make the grant writing process so much easier and possibly help you earn the money you need to get your idea started! 

They offer help in the areas of essay writing and research papers. Not only do the offer help in those areas but they offer help in the specifics. For example, argumentative essays, cause and effect essays, critical essays, personal essays, descriptive essays, and many more!

Are you looking for a new job? Private Writing offers help in the category of CV and resumes. A clean, proofread, interesting resume could be the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. With out even paying for it, the website currently offers seven tips that could help you to create a proper CV/resume.

Attention bloggers they offer an affiliate program. 

They offer a easy chart for prices. You don't go in blind. You have a general idea as to how much a project is going to cost you before you sign up for that particular project. They guarantee that the work/help they provide will help earn a 3.1 GPA or higher. 

Private Writing has a neat feature for International students. They offer with English on the university level. 

Are you working on a law degree or a nursing degree? Those degree are no joke. This website can help your dreams come true. They help you study, they help you research, they help you learn. They do not do the work for you...that would be cheating. 

Private Writing offers plagiarism check, PhD level professionals, on time delivery guarantee, live support chat, service statistic which are updated daily, and easy log in.

A few down falls to the website? I honestly don't care for their graphics. I think they need something fresh. The font and logo need a facelift. It makes this really valuable website look cheesy. I also didn't care for the fact that I need to create and account and log in in order to see the fullness of each page. 

Overall this is a really neat concept. This could really help out students that are bright but might be lacking in writing. I wish this would have been around when I was in school it would have saved me so.much.time.

In case you didn't notice this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. 

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