Tuesday, August 4, 2015

south dakota recap.

dino photos // flies, oh so many flies // i'm in a garage and i'm used to hang things // wall drug + rock mining + singing gorillas + a scary t-rex // dairy queen! // the bad lands // beware of rattle snakes...ummm no thanks // exploring and cliff climbing followed by, "be safe!" + " get down!" + " i can't even watch." // camping and being on the look out for rattlers // kick ball and lost car keys // dalhs chainsaw art // "minja turtles // crazy horse // not much has changed at this rate it will never be finished // the big heads! //  finally mt. rushmoore //  1, 2, 3, JUMP! // carrying a stroller up and down 1.5 million steps // singing the president song for bystanders // presidents in the rain that appear to have a runny nose, tears, drool, and sweat...in that order // real mermaids! // 0.99 cent pancakes // dances with wolves // storybook island // finding tangled // teddy's deli // mt. slushmoore and then dreaming of maui // why wont anyone is south dakota give me ice? " // custer state park // "look a wild buffalo! oh wait never mind its just a cow." // DQ! DQ! DQ! // the most amazing views ever // climbing mt. peaks // big heads again and not taking the stroller // gift shop buying // bbq and table talk //  spearfish canyon // waterfalls and tiny toes in the creak //  boo-boos + lots of bandaids + princess juice // lunch under cedar trees // walking the dirty dancing log , more exploring, and "please don't get hurt!" // the coldest water ever // numb feet and fresh mountain streams // make shift water raft aka an air mattress // parks, kick ball, laughter, and sunshine // i wonder if they have a dairy queen? //  driving to wyoming state line just to take a jumping photo // big puffy clouds creaks // deadwood // yea. were aren't going to get out to many bikers // why so many bikers...the 75th anniversary of sturgis // buffalo! no wait just more cows // sunsets on the lake // gooey, cheesy, fresh, hot pizza // if we hurry dairy queen is still open // you guys i think we have a DQ problem, and the first step is admittance //  contemplating starting a go fund me for our dairy queen obsession // german food + 41 years //  anniversaries stories of lost purses + a hand sewn wedding dress // pactola lake +  eating sand + skipping rocks + mr jones and rain king // Dairy Queen, again. // bear country // yo bear, yo // lyla, i want a baby goat! i want a baby goat too! // awww i want a baby buffalo! i want a baby buffalo too! // awwwwwwww i want a baby bear. i want a baby bear too! // storms and hail (seriously the most hail I've ever seen!!) // broken windows and soaking wet everything. // drying and shrinking // dill pickle chips for breakfast and "this is your captain speaking." // home sweet home // hey! our life is changed forever the new dairy queen is open! // 


Susan Liberatore said...

Y'all are THE cutest!!

Amy @Set Free said...

Such a FUN trip!! Hoping to get to Mt. Rushmore one of these summers.