Thursday, July 30, 2015

best corn ever.

Mmmmmm. Corn in the summer time might be my favorite. Allow me to share with you the correct way to cook them. First, peel back the husk and remove the silk. Then, wrap the husk back around the corn and soak the corn in salt water for about 30 mins. Very quickly remove the corn from water and wrap in tin foil. Next, grill the corn for about 45 mins. Last, unwrap, remove husk, and drench those bad boys in butter and salt.

Eat and enjoy.

Do you like corn?
What is your favorite way to cook corn?


Marli said...

corn has got to be one of the greatest things on earth! :) i really haven't cook it a lot. i believe my mom would shuck it and just cook it on the stove in water. or cut it off the cob and had creamed corn. yum!

Susan Liberatore said...

Yes, yes. We live on this in the summertime!