Friday, July 17, 2015

summer, bored, and backyard tic tac toe.

I told myself, over and over again, that I was going to allow my kids to be bored this summer. I told myself I was going to let them figure out games on their own, play in the basement, play with toys they hadn't been able to play with since Christmas...

Yeah. Well, that lasted a total of about 5 seconds. I don't know about bored kids in your house, but in my house migrate towards me...and stand under my feet...and stare at me...and ask me for rather than feel like a sardine in the Kitchen while I attempt to feed the littles for the 3rd time in one day (I mean seriously. Why do they have to have dinner every night? (I'm totally kidding, don't write me a mean email.)) I threw them a bone. 

I suggested they play  tic tac toe in the backyard. All they needed were four jump ropes (or string, or sticks, or anything that makes lines) and something to throw in the squares...frisbees, balls, rocks, whateves. This game was a huge hit. I may or may not have even joined in the fun...and beat the husband. Good times, good times. 


Daisy Valdivia said...

It looks like a lot of fun! I want to play, haha. SO you mean they continue to do that even when they're older?! Sometimes I feel like my son is messing with me. He has so many toys!!!

Susan Liberatore said...

Feed your children!!! :o