Friday, May 1, 2015

lyve. ( the coolest photo app ever. ) + giveaway

Can we talk about the Lyve app? Oh my goodness I have been waiting for an app like this. Imagine every photo editing program in one (with more options) at the touch of your fingertips. No downloading, no plugging in, no uploading...its all in palm of your hands. You can add text, add filters, paint with your fingertips, and blur. My favorite feature just might be the splash can keep part of your photo black and white while leaving a section in color.

Lyve also categorizes your photos by dates (like featured above) ... I have sacrificed sleep to take a trip down #memorylane seeing all the memories sorted with time. I just absolutely adore photos, and reminiscing our journeys.

Disclaimer : I have a terrible memory! I can remember that we saw and visited the presidents car ... I remember it was hot ... and most likely summer ... but now thanks to Lyve ... I now know that we saw a visited the presidential motorcade on July.28.2014.

Lyve allows you to download a desktop version and sync up the photos you might have on your computer.  I may or may not have over 20,000 photos. This app is a dream.

Another super awesome feature is that Lyve allows you to group share photos! So if you are at a gathering, birthday, wedding, event, or get together...all who are present can download the app and sync up each others basically photo share.

Additionally, if you download the app find a photo, and upload it with the hashtag #MemoryLane. When you do this you will be entered to receive a Lyve Home ($299 value). 

find ios version HERE
find android version HERE
find the desktop version HERE


Stephen Pace said...

This app is great because I almost forgot how much memories I've made this past year. One memory it reminded me off was when I got to visit family and see their new litter of puppies just a couple days old. Excited to enter this giveaway. Email:

Branson Merrill said...

Just curious... did you announce the giveaway winner yet? mattandbranson(at)gmail(dot)com