Monday, April 27, 2015

how to cook an artichoke (in 13 long steps)

how to cook an artichoke // step 1: watch scary food documentaries // step 2: get rid of most ( i say most because a world without donuts is a sad thing ) pre-packaged foods in your house  // step 3: try new foods // step 4: barter with your children to eat more vegetables // step 5: remember you liked artichokes as a child, and purchase one // step 6: inform the children they are trying artichokes tonight! note: of course they will see it is green and probably complain // step 7: let them know they WILL try it, and not trying it is not an option // step 9 : remind them of green eggs and ham and sam...and the whole dr. suess bit... try it, you might like it! ... and inform them again they will be trying it // step 9: ask Siri how to cook an artichoke // step 10: trim the stem and cut the pointy tips off the artichoke with kitchen scissors  // step 11: boil the artichoke in water with lemon peals and a bay leaf (optional)  for about 30 mins... or until it is tender enough to stab with a knife (the same way you would tell a potato is finished) // step 12: serve with a side of melted garlic butter, and watch your children love and devour the artichoke // step 13: bask in your victory in preparing an edible veggie that the whole family enjoyed. 

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Susan Liberatore said...

Dear Christina,

I don't like them unless they're pickled and in a sandwich. My mother in law stuffs them and everyone goes crazy! I can get you the recipe - xo