Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jude, Jonah, and a giveaway.

One of our favorite ways to teach and tell bible stories to our children, is in once upon a time form. They would much rather sit and listen to me tell them a story rather than read it from a book. 

On one particular day, the husband was telling Jude the story of Jonah and the whale. My groom gets to the peak of the story about how Jonah was swallowed up and was in the belly of the whale for three days...and thats when the little realist pipes in...

"Dad, dad. What did Jonah eat for three days?"

"Ummmmm. I am sure that there were fish in the belly. Anyways, sooooo Jonah was in the belly of the whale..."

"Dad, dad. If Jonah was in the belly of the whale for three days what did he drink dad?"

"Ummmmm. Well, there is also water in the whale son...I am sure he drank that."

"No. Dad. No. That's probably salt water. You can't drink salt water you'll die." 

"Ok. Well, I don't know he probably had a coke and a candy bar in his pocket... I am sure God provided for him. " 

This conversation went on for a while and required the help of google. It was adorable. 

So, according to Jude, the moral of the story of Jonah is...if God calls you to do something you probably should...and you can go 3 days with out water...and 21 days with out food. 

Now for the giveaway! This adorable book is one of my all time favorites. It tells the main bible stories in exactly that...story form. These stories are short and sweet, perfect for your little one. 

Enter below!


Anonymous said...

I totally love there conversation! Thanks for sharing! So sweet!

Pink and Green Mom said...

We have this book! It is great!