Thursday, March 12, 2015

homemade bread sticks and letters.

dear husband, you're my favorite person in the whole world. thank you for always working so hard for this little family. 

dear jude and elisabeth, bummer you got sick on the nicest week of the whole year. (sad face)

dear lyla, i cant believe you are going to be three years old in two weeks!??

dear brooklyn, your everyones favorite sibling...i know b/c they tell you all the time that you're their favorite.

dear bobby flays pizza crust, your dough makes great bread sticks. 

dear jesus, sometimes when i think about your blessings my heart is so full i think it just might burst.

dear home grown tomatoes, i'm dreaming of you.

dear maui, i'm really dreaming of you. 

dear in-laws, it's time for you to come home now, everyone misses you. 

dear linqia, you are a great company to blog for. 

dear lovely weather, you are good for the soul.

breadsticks: // make dough according to recipe linked above // role dough out in stick form // brush melted butter on top of dough // sprinkle dough garlic salt and fresh shredded parmesan cheese // bake @425 for 8-10 mins 


Susan Liberatore said...

I'm dreaming of the sun as well! Sigh.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Very sweet. I'm dreaming of Maui too. And the breadsticks honestly made my stomach grumble.: )