Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jude and baby Jesus.

Jude is my only son, he is my quietest child, he is a thinker. He is always asking questions. Questions I often know the answer, and others I need to Google. 

I have a few manger scenes around the house for Christmas. The biggest one is sitting on our dining room table with the figures staggered length wise across. Jude causally asked me why the figures weren't all gathered around baby Jesus looking at him. I am fairly certain I gave him some lame answer like, "because that's how I wanted to decorate it."

Later that night, after Jude was a sleep I came across the manger scene by the fireplace. All of the figures were gathered around, facing baby Jesus. My heart melted just a little bit. The next morning when he woke I asked him if he had moved the figures. He replied, "Yes. I wanted them all to see baby Jesus." 

For me it was a gentle remainder to keep my focus on what this wonderful season is all about...the birth of a savior. 


Susan Liberatore said...

That is the sweetest!

We have a nativity scene up each year also - but, we don't put baby Jesus out until his birthday! {That SO could have been your}

17 Perth said...

Oh my goodness. What a wise little boy. Such a sweet story and perfect reminder. :)

Jenni Price illustration said...

That's so precious....and such a good reminder too!

Denise said...

I looooovvveee this.

Leave it to Jude to make sure Jesus is praised (his name suits him)!

Wanda Lewis said...

ok this one made me tear up. sweet sweet boy. <3 <3

Kelly said...

Precious boy! I love it when kids, in their simplicity, help us to see Jesus clearer.