Monday, November 24, 2014

thanks and turkeys.

thankful // for tiny hands that make turkeys, make messes, and leave finger prints everywhere // for a husband that cases after god, and leads by example // freedom // the ability to openly praise and worship // tangled hair and chucks // "why?" questions that often require googling to ensure the answer is correct // a full pantry and health // early morning snuggles and Sunday night  dinners // family // coffee and sunsets // the simple momenst in life that aren't really a big deal, but they capture your heart anyways //

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!

What are you thankful for?


Susan Liberatore said...

Awww I remember these! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! xox

Elle Sees said...

cutest lil turkeys ever!

Jodi said...

Those little turkey crafts are so cute. I love kids' art projects!!

17 Perth said...

Such a sweet and fun idea!!