Thursday, October 16, 2014


Dear M&M's + honey roasted peanuts + candy corn,
You are one of my favorite fall treats, 

Dear pumpkin spice candy corn,
You taste like candle wax.

Dear common core,
I had a feeling I wasn't going to like you. I tried to give you chance. I am a smart person...I have the grades and transcripts to prove it...but atlas I still find myself having to google my second grader's math homework. While I am on the subject of homework...I am fairly certain my children just spent 7 hours of their day at school...I don't really think they need homework almost every night... again you, common core,  are to blame for that. 

Dear Harvey
In the words of Daniel Tiger...Grow ups come please stop freaking out every time we leave the house. I promise we won't leave and forget about you.

Dear Huffington Post,
You good company during those 2 am feedings. Also, the more tired I am the more funny I find things to be. I laughed so hard I actually cried when I read How to Put a Toddler to Bed in 100 Easy Steps.  I found parent tweets to be equally funny. But, my favorite read so far this week was On Motherhood and Sleepless Night...grab some tissues. 

Dear Pull-Ups,
We have had a small minor break through in potty training. Hallelujah praise the Lord.

Dear Walmart,
Normally I loathe you. In fact I almost never shop at you, I am more of a Target kind of gal. But, this year you came through for the forms of an Elsa costume. Every other store and online have been sold out. I have one happy 7 year old, so thank you.


Shannon Q. said...

Ohhh this m&m mix your speaking of does sound devine! :) And yes, I'm in full agreement...common core should go away because I too am finding myself on google and with perplexed looks on my face when trying to help my 5th grader with homework!

Because of Jackie said...

That mix looks amazing…and dangerous! I love Walmart of one thing, their candles. They are cheap and smell amazing! And congrats on the Elsa costume, we have one I bought last Black Friday for cheap and before the movie got HUGE…now I want to sell the darn thing on ebay;)

Jenni Price illustration said...

I couldn't find plain ol' candycorn today at Walmart or those mini pumpkin candies either. I love the combination though of peanuts and candycorn. I think you told me about it a few years ago and I tried it. It's really good! I'm sure the chocolate tastes good with it also!

Jenna Griffin said...

Ah, yes. Common Core. I teach 2nd grade, and it's my first year teaching in with common core and it's a huge change. Let me know if you ever have any questions about the math! It can be tricky.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

As a teacher and mom, I have some not so nice thoughts about homework and comm core.

Susan Liberatore said...

I am trying the first mix THIS weekend!!! Yum.
And remember the candle project from last year (maybe year before?) where we used hurricanes, candle and surrounded with candy corn? Now THOSE tasted like wax!!! lol

Elle Sees said...

omg i can't stand candy corn...of any kind. it all tastes like wax to me ;) but my family is obsessed with it!