Sunday, August 24, 2014

a science experiment.

Oh hey Viva Vantage you managed to help this pregnant lady keep her sanity this weekend. I love clean so, I was more that willing to do a post for Viva about how the product cleans. However we also decided to see how much we could stretch this paper towel. My kiddos and I had fun turning this paper towel into a fun and simple science experiment. 

You'll need:

weighted objects from around the house
glasses or cups

First off I got the Viva Vantage Paper Towel nice and wet and placed wet paper towel over a glass. Then I had my kiddos collect a few small objects to put to the test.  We ended up with a marble, bouncy ball, a lime, and gold nugget rock. We arranged the objects according to weight and started with the lightest to the heaviest.  Guess what? The WET paper towel held up with out breaking with all four objects. So with that said...the Viva not breaking sent my kids on a mad dash around the house to find objects that would break the towel. They used stuffed animals, little people, figurines, bubble gum, random objects, toys, until final they tried using one last product that finally caused the paper towel to break...that object was a vintage Nintendo Gameboy...which probably weighs a good pound or two. Needless to say this product defiently passes the stretch test using the V-Flex* Weave.

Also, I did manage to do a little cleaning with Viva Vantage and I must say I was impressed. Truth be told I don't buy a massive amount of paper an effort to be green. I don't usually clean with paper towel, because I have to use so much of it and it leaves those little tiny pieces of paper all over my mirrors and windows...that drives me crazy. That was sooooooo not the case with the Viva!! I cleaned my entire first floor windows inside and out, the back doors, the mirror in the bathroom...with ONE paper towel! Just check out the above photo the see the hold up after all that cleaning, and the towel left no little pieces behind on my nice clean windows...jackpot. 

A big thanks to Viva Vantage for sponsoring this post! Be sure to pick these up at your local Walmart during your next visit!


Annette Whipple said...

Viva Vantage has surprised me, too. We made tie-dyed flowers with them...and scrubbed pots and pans. :)

Danica Pardini said...

I wish my kids were older and they could do this. Looks so fun!

Great photos by the way!

Alli said...

Wow, this looks like a fun afternoon. You do so many great things with your kids, I'll need to stock pile all your great ideas.

Susan Liberatore said...

Oh hai!!! Nice job!

Denise said...

Viva is the ONLY paper towel for me!