Friday, May 9, 2014


Motherhood. Motherhood is hard work. I work long hours, 7 days a week...I rarely get a break...I am on call every night..and I don't get paid. But if done right...the benefits are amazing. I saw a quote the other day that said something along the lines of when your children are will never be this loved again...Their love, and the joy children bring come in some of the sweetest and in the simplest of forms...In the form of a small brown eyed girl who stops playing because she spots you sitting in the shade under a tree and travels her way into your lap. In the form of a boy who asks about 100 questions a day that start off with ..."Mama?" and instead of asking a question he simply says, "Mama? I love you." In the form of a red head who just walks by and hugs your legs for no reason...other than you are you.

The joy motherhood brings is sewn together with simple moments...moments that don't cost money...they only cost your time...and can leave your heart feeling more full than you could ever imagine. 

The Most Precious Jewels You'll Ever Have Around Your Neck Are The Arms Of Your Children // unknown 

I hope everyone has a lovely Mother's day!!!! 


Susan Liberatore said...

Hardest job in the world!
And by far the best one.
Happy Mother's Day to one of the best mama's I know!! xoxo

Sara McCarty said...

Oh, this is such a beautiful and wonderful post. I'm all teary just reading it. Love.

Danica Pardini said...

AWWWWWW. Truly beautiful post. Can't wait to experience this "work" for myself some day.

Susannah said...

<3 This post made my heart so happy!

BeaumontGirl said...

Great post! Following over from the hop!