Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wait, what?

When I became a mom, I found myself saying the most bizarre things. This past week was no different, and when heard out loud usually ended in laughter.  Here is a small list of sayings accumulated over the course of 7 days:

We don't eat chap stick, it is not food.
The dog is not a horse, could you please get off him.
We do not live a in village with a well, if your thirsty get a cup and get some water.
Get off the table.
Get off the counter.
Well what did you think was going to happen when you tried to jump off that?
Oh my goodness, if I have to play guess who one more time, I am going to lose my mind.
Yay! The laundry is all done. Now no one is allowed to change clothes or get dirty for at least one day.
Yes, you have to take a bath.
Oh my goodness!
Hey babe, I can't guarantee dinner will be good, but there is ice cream just in case it isn't.
Wait, what did you lick? No! Don't lick out of the dogs water bucket...it's dangerous, and gross, and dangerous! 

So tell me anything bizarre you have said this past week?


Danica Pardini said...

Oh my gosh this is too funny. I'm not a mom yet but I feel like I say the silliest things to my kids in class. The funniest to date (of how bizarre it sounds once you play it back in your head) was "the water is not for drinking!!!" We had a water table out with soap and glitter and all 20 hands are playing in it. So when they started to try and drink it, I flipped out. But to a two year old " water isn't for drinking" doesn't make sense AT ALL. Ha



Anne Hill said...

haha yep these are the things you just have to laugh about!

Elle Sees said...

i don't say things as much as the 4 yr old i nanny for says crazy things, like i'm (me) gonna go to med school at 51. what??

17 Perth said...

HahAhaha! This is so funny! I can only imagine all the things you must say in a days time.
I did text my husband the other day and say, "when I was in the shower, did she have a poop or pee?". Lol

Susan Liberatore said...

LOL! I needed this today.
I find myself saying all kinds of crazy things all the time. Mostly about eating, licking...Ava enjoys licking tables and odd things. What is up with that?