Thursday, April 3, 2014


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Dear Helzberg Diamonds, A while back I was causally going about my day when I looked down and saw that my diamond was gone...the big one...the center stone...completely missing. I was so upset. We spent days looking for it. I called your closest store and even thought I didn't have a warranty on the stone...the hubs had kept the original receipt and I had stayed on top of my inspections for the last ten told me to bring my ring in and you would give me a new no cost...because you stand behind your product!! Thank you for being such an awesome company.

Dear Dyson, You suck (pun totally intended) . I am a super frugal person so it took me a while to finally make the spurge for your product. I have had the Dyson Ball Vacuum for three years when the bottom piece suddenly broke off...which has now made it the worlds loudest vacuum. I called customer service because you have a "5 year warranty" on all your products, only to find out you categorize that piece that broke as "wear and tear" and won't cover the part...but you will gladly send me a replacement piece for $110.00 and then it is my responsibility to pay to have it fixed. Thanks, but no thanks. 

Dear Yo-Yo, Ummmm where were you around Christmas time?! Seriously if you are looking to purchase items online for birthdays and holidays check this place out! I wanted to get Jude the Wobble Deck for his birthday. The cheapest I could find it was anywhere from $40-$50. At Yo-Yo it is only $28.00...but wait it gets better...they have a TON of coupon codes and referral codes that you can combine...which means I only paid $22 for the deck. Overall, if I would have paid full price for all that I purchased I would have spent $75 more. If you ever decide to shop there here is my referral code:  CSCH2889 ... no gimmicks just gives you more savings and me savings in the future. It made me happy that you take paypal and that if you spend $40 you get free shipping. Also, my items arrived the nest day!

Dear Walmart, I still loathe you, but you make returning items really easy...that I like.

Dear Target, I like you the best...but seriously your  two returns a year is dumb. I do like the savings you offer when using your mobile app, cartwheel, store printed coupons, and Sunday paper coupons...I saved $18.00 last time I combined all of those!

Dear Hello Merch, I really need one of your sweatshirts in my life. 

So tell me are there any companies you have been pleased or displeased with lately?


Katie said...

my sister and i keep talking about how we need that sweatshirt or the tshirt like that!!! and I hate target returns!

17 Perth said...

So agree about target! Ridiculous. Just started using cartwheel. And helzberg, way to go. Major props for that one!

And thanks for the heads up in a new vacuum.

Tabitha Green said...

Me too me too - I want that sweatshirt!

Denise said...

What! Dyson! I'm so disappointed. And I have loved my Dyson... but I'm sad they didn't take care of you. Boo.

Target's return policy is stupid. Stupid.

I'd buy the yellow hello pillow, unfortunately I though I'd have to purchase the "I'm So Broke" shirt first. ha! ;)

Jenni Price illustration said...

I didn't know that about Target (that's too bad) but yeah, Walmart's return policy is pretty awesome! My problem with Walmart is that everything is so super cheap that I end up shopping too long (wasting time), and buying waaay too much stuff I didn't plan on. Also, that's pretty neat about your diamond!! What a blessing!

Amy Caudill said...

I so need a Hello t...LOVE them! Also, I have the Target red card...not the credit card, but the debit card. I save 5% everytime and they let me return as much as I want as many times as I want. Check it out...