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Friday, March 28, 2014


Books. I made it a point to ensure that my kiddos loved books. Reading books is one our favorite past times. No matter how many books we come across, or check out from the library...this list is the ones my kiddos insist we read over and over again. Sometimes we don't even read the words...we count items...or look for the mouse...or talk about the photos...whatever they feel like engaging long as they are interested in the book.

Here is our list starting at the top moving left to right: Charlie the Ranch Dog ...I didn't know this one would be such a hit but Lyla loves this book // Pinkalicious (or any book in this series) // Where the Sidewalk Ends...a favorite of mine and the kidlets never tire of these poems // Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? ...the book I read is actually the book I had as a kid, needless to say this book has seen better  days // Count the Monkeys ... a new favorite and a fun read! // Press Here ...also a new favorite and a fun read...if you haven't read this one yet, do so // Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? ... a classic for a reason // Pete the Cat ... Lyla's favorite...and all the Pete the Cat books are great /// Goodnight Moon ... every house with kids should have a copy of this book...Jude loves to find the mouse in this book // The Very Hungry Caterpillar ... one of my favorite all time memories is of Elisabeth reading this book // Are You My Mother? ... I think my kids love this book b/c we swap out the animals for our dogs name // Llama Llama Red Pajamas // The Christian Mother Goose Book ...this book was also mine as a child, and puts a godly spin on nursery rhymes // The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog ... Jude and Lyla can't get enough of this book. // No, David! ... and pretty much anything by David Shannon is worth getting.

So tell me what are you favorite children books?
How do you encourage reading?


Susan Liberatore said...

My favourite {and I made sure it would be the girls' too!} is Madeline. Izzy could recite it by heart before she could read!
I also love a lot of the books you have above...Are you my mother? is a fave! xox

Kelly said...

these are all great! Curious George was a staple when my oldest was younger…his name is George SO. my not so tiny man loved anything Thomas. they both loved all the Dr. Seuss books. My favorites are I love you forever, Guess how much I love you, and Good Night Moon.

i have literally hundreds of books that i am not willing to let go of from my preschool teacher days…someday i'll have grandchildren. it drives my husband nuts!

Amy Caudill said...

We have a lot of these, but not all of them...thanks for the suggestions! Reading with Claire has been so much more fun this year now that she's learning to's like a whole new world has opened up for her!

LOVE, DANICA said...

I have most of these in my clasroom, brown bear is always a hit!

17 Perth said...

I've been wanting to get a few more books!! This came at a perfect time for me. And yes-reading will be a big deal here! :)

Chantel Klassen said...

You've got some great ones there! We love everything by Oliver Jeffers and Kevin Henkes!

Alli said...

Kids books are the best, aren't they? They are so fun and sweet, the corduroy boy was my fav as a kid.

I love that C.S. Lewis quote 'Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.'