Tuesday, December 3, 2013

diy and giveaway(s).


step one: Grow and garden cucumbers, as a result have more mason jars laying around the house than you know what to do with. step two: If you have a very active toddler, put her down for a nap. In case she suddenly stopped napping and decide to scale the side of her crib on top of not napping...place her in the highchair with some goldfish...this should buy you 10 mins...tops. step three: You will need a mason jar, fake snow, and a mini fake tree. step four: Assemble objects in the jar and seal...and ta-da! your done...just in time to pick the goldfish up of the floor that your non napping toddler decide to throw. Good times, good times.

Make as many or as little as you please. These are a simple and cheap addition to any holiday party or Christmas decor.

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P.S.S If that giveaway wasn't enough...head on over to my friend Susan's blog for a chance to win over $400 in prizes...winner takes all...I may or may not have donated a $25 amazon gift card.

p.s.s. This is not my original idea...I saw it once...maybe pinterest? or Martha Stewart? 


Wanda Lewis said...

you are so darn cute i love your blog!

Krystal said...

thats a fun diy...and looks manageable enough for a diy challenged person like me!

Susan Liberatore said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Wanda above!!!
I love this. I think i could actually do this too. :o

Thanks for the shout out. xo

Jenni Price illustration said...

Pretty festive way to use up those jars! Maybe there will be some real snow soon!

Alexa said...

Oh my gosh these are adorable Christina. And super easy to put together too!

Leah said...

i absolutely love your diy posts. you are hilarious friend. and these turned out so cute!

Katie said...

so pretty!! i love it!