Friday, December 6, 2013

christmas songs.

We might be that family that starts listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. Ok, that is a lie...we start listening to it before Halloween. (don't judge) I love Christmas music. My mom was kind enough to give me my great grandparents record player and vinyl Christmas records a few years a back. Of course by "give me" I mean I borrowed it for Christmas eve about 5 years ago and never gave it back. Thanks, mom! I grew up listening to that style of Christmas music, and it still continues to be my favorite.

My top favorite songs:
White Christmas by The Drifters 
God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen by Barenaked Ladies 
O Holy Night by Kelly Clarkson (hubs would strongly disagree with me on this, and say that Mariah Carey's version is the best.) 
Silver Bells by Bing Crosby 
The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole

Songs that are so horrible, but I still secretly love them: 
Christmas in Kansas City by Brad Millison 
All I want for Christmas by Vince Vance & the Valiants (This might be one of the worst music videos ever. I mean ever.)

If These songs come on the radio, I will change the station:
Christmas Shoes by Alabama (Alabama, should stick with good songs like Christmas in Dixie)  
Merry Christmas Darling by Karen Carpenter  
Same old lang syne by dan fogelberg 

Top Christmas Pandora Stations:
Bing Crosby // Family Christmas // She and Him

My kids favorite songs based on, this morning:
Elisabeth: Where are you Christmas? 
Jude: Feliz Navidad 
Lyla: Jingle Bells

So tell me, what songs make your list? 

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Anonymous said...

I start listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album right after Thanksgiving. I also have the Vince Giraldi (or however you spell it) from a Charlie Brown Christmas. The only song I really don't like at Christmas is that Christmas Shoes song. How depressing is that?!?! I think Christmas songs should be happy and jolly and not depressing!!

Kelly said...

where are you Christmas makes me cry like a baby every time i hear it. it's embarrassing. my oldest sang it in a choir concert a few years back and to hear 100 5th and 6th graders sing it did me in for life.

Christina Perry, Sheryl Crow and Amy Grant Holiday stations on pandora are fabulous too.

Any Christmas song by bing crosby is perfection.

My ultimate favorite is Carol of the Bells. any rendition will do!

17 Perth said...

You. Just. Made. My. Day.

I will be listening to all of these! :)

Susan Liberatore said...

Don't hate me!! I love Merry Christmas Darling by Karen Carpenter...I love her period. Loved. Seriously, could listen to her sing all day.

I also really like Josh Groban's Christmas cd.
But I'm with you...the oldies are the best. Well, that and the Chipmunks!!

Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

we ARE kindred spirits!! I get looks of "shame shame" when I turn on the Christmas tunes so soon, but I can't help myself! It makes everything magical.

SO difficult to choose my favorites and you will laugh...

The Christmas Song at the end of the Grinch (ya know.. "fahoo fores, dahoo dores")
The WHOLE Hanson Christmas CD because it was my first CD that my parents allowed me to buy that wasn't country or Petra.

and I'm with Elisabeth, I really love "Where are you Christmas"...

Now I need to go listen to some Christmas tunes!

Jenni Price illustration said...

Listening to Christmas music on records...used to LOVE that as a kid! I really like Johnny Mathis but I don't hear him much on the radio. I used to love his record. My kids like Feliz Navidad too. It must be a "kid thing." LOL!