the olive tree: 2013.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It is easy to get caught up in busy. I often find that little moments in life capture my heart. I want to soak in the memory, the sounds, the smells, all of it...the moments that leave my heart feeling full and happy. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to capture those moments in a photo. 

2013 recap //  had a 6th birthday // made this cake // got an american girl doll // lyla learned how to walk // went to d' bronx and union station more times than I can count // visited to lego land // got snowed in by a blizzard // we couldn't sledding so the hubs brought the hill to us // had a 1st birthday // had a 4th birthday per request of the birthday boy we turned our house and backyard into a "wipeout" course // milked a cow and finished kindergarten // painted, colored, and had tea parties on the porch // had a backyard make-over // learned how to ride a bike // had a 30th birthday // attended two weddings // celebrated 9 years // went to swim meets, used the slip n slide, and spend endless hours and the pool // worshiped god, went to church, served others, and danced in the kitchen // read books // studied the good word while drinking coffee// saw the polar bears at the zoo // went to the living history farm // we golfed // we pickled and canned over 100 jars of cucumbers // had days at the park and days where we baked // broke jesse james porch // chased down the ice cream man // had play dates with cousins // started 1st grade // had a 31st birthday // went to st louis and cheered on the cardinals // went to the pumpkin patch // picked apples at the apple orchard // dressed up as wendy, tink, and the hulk // made pumpkin bread and christmas cookies // celebrated all holidays in style // finally my top 2013 memory was the time we fed baby goats.

2013 you were a good year, and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store.

What is your favorite memory or memories from this year?


17 Perth said...

LOVE these photos!! you guys are adorable! And I was on blogging hiatus when you posted about your backyard make-over. I love it! It looks awesome!!

Happy happy new year to you!!

17 Perth said...

And my favorite memory has to be when I found out I was pregnant!!!

Susan Liberatore said...

This is so fun! Your oldest looks CRAZY like your hubby. OMG.
My fave memory from this past year...hmmm...prob the summer in Fla. That time when I was in the US for 5 weeks and you didn't visit!!!!!!!!

Care said...

Looks like such a great celebration- so colorful and so crazy fun!

Leah said...

little moments are the best. loved reading about your year through here friend. happy new year to you and yours!

Jenni Price illustration said...

What a busy/full of fun year! Just look at that top photo with all that sunshine and warmth! Isn't it hard to almost imagine the weather being hot right now?? Happy New Year 2014 friend!

Denise said...

sweet pix.
you had a very good year.

happy 2014!

Amanda Howard - beetle and fig blog said...

what a fun review! makes me miss summer... wish i was jumping in to a pool! :)