Monday, September 16, 2013


It was a lovely weekend.

I am learning to enjoy weekends. I tend to shy away from crowds and anything busy. With Elisabeth being in school, now, I am learning to embrace the family time we have ... all together...even if that means going out on the weekends. 

So, here is a little weekend recap. 

The weekend started with a visit from my Mimi. It was so nice just sitting with her and chatting over coffee...ok and cookies. She only lives 5 minutes away, but still the time is rare when we really just get to see each other. She blessed us greatly when she showed up with a T-Bone dinner and sides to go with it. So sweet! A big big big thanks, if you're reading this Mimi. hugs!xoxo

Saturday we went to the Apple Orchard. We decided to try out a new orchard we read about online...only a short country drive away. Driving through the country was bliss, and also bittersweet. I miss small town life and really long to move back. 

The weather was lovely! Lyla was yelling "apple! apple!" followed by "ewww.! ewww.!" when she picked up an apple that wasn't to her standards. The orchard owners said most of the honey crisp (my fav!)  were gone. That didn't stop the hubs...he climb and searched until he found me 22lbs worth. Now that is real love folks. At 0.69 cents a pound, yes a pound! We will most likely go back before apple season is over. 

Sunday, my favorite day of the week. Church, home, huge lunch, snacks all day, lazy days, movies, cereal for dinner, ahhh bliss

How was your weekend?!


Kerry @ Made For Real said...

We totally do the cereal thing for dinner on Sundays (and other days, too!) ...or popcorn : )
And LOVE apples straight from the orchard!

Alli said...

These photos are so precious, your family is so sweet. Enjoy embracing the weekends.


Anonymous said...

i thought i was the only person that liked to stay inside on the weekends? i've always tried to avoid crowds and the roar of the weekends. something nice about going out during the week and having a place to share with your friends, right?

anyway, glad you're learning to enjoy them with the family -- with kids that cute, it must be easy :)

Katie @ minivan diva said...

So fun. We are at the stage when sports take up all Sat. We claim Sunday for family time. We love apple picking in Sept. too. We are just waiting for it to cool down a bit.

Erica said...

Apple-picking always looks like so much fun... I should probably try it sometime. The neighbours have an apple-tree but I probably can't scale their fence fast enough when they see me ;)

Susan said...

It's funny...the older I get, the more I like the "country"...being far away from the city. Never thought I would feel that way EVER.
Sounds like a lovely weekend. xo

Leah said...

.69 a pound? that's a steal girl. so good you guys are getting out and enjoying time together. apple picking is on my list of wanting to do forever, but there really aren't any close by me. what will you do with the 22lbs?

Katie said...

those pictures are so cute! we are going to try to go to an apple orchard this weekend!

Vicki said...

Hooray for apple picking, but especially for Sundays (I love them, too!). Can't wait to see what you do with your 22lbs. of apples!!

Krystal said...

that sounds like an ideal w/e...and such great pics to show for it

Denise said...

what fun!
and your husband is a good apple! 22lbs!, WOW!