the olive tree: weekend.

Monday, November 11, 2013


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weekend recap:

we had a magic dough party /// made chocolate covered pretzels /// went to a birthday party /// I rocked Lyla to sleep five times...which is five times more than I have rocked her to sleep in the last year /// made feather headbands /// had coffee /// baked pumpkin bread with Jude /// pulled my baby off the table more times that I can count /// went to church /// nursed a few cases of the sniffles /// snuggled while watching a Hallmark Christmas movie with Elisabeth /// had more coffee /// let my sister cut my hair /// helped watched the hubs hang Christmas lights /// had even more coffee, strong coffee ///

p.s. A huge thanks to all who serve and have served our country!
what did you do this weekend?


Leah said...

sounds like a fun weekend my friend! those feather hats are a great activity. must get the kids to do some!

Alli said...

wow, that sounds like a magic weekend. Especially all the coffee ;)

Susan said...

Sounds super nice. And Christmasy...
and apparently, you drank some coffee? lol. ;0

17 Perth said...

Um--So jealous (in the best of ways) of your weekend. Next time, can you invite me over? k? (I will make my own feather headband.) I LOVE that your husband started hanging Christmas lights!! SO awesome!! :)

Gina Norman said...

really really cute, love that quote, never seen it before ;)