the olive tree: a dino and magic dough party.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a dino and magic dough party.

I was super excited to get and review the Rose Art Magic Dough Volcano Valley set.

Jude will have nothing to do with anything pink or girly, so I had to set up his dough party on the other half of the table. He opted out of the pink feather boa and yarn flowers, for a more manly theme of dinosaurs. He also passed on the star shaped sandwiches, and went with dino shaped bread instead. He did however gobble up all the chocolate covered pretzels, apparently sprinkles don't require you to give up your man card. 

Jude is all about magic dough. This is one of his favorite past times. He was not all that interested in the transfer press, he was however over the moon about the lava flowing from the volcano. He also enjoyed the chomping dino, and mixing all the magic dough colors together even though his sister begged him to stop.

Why do little boys love the mix the dough colors so much?

Magic fun dough is available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Note: make sure you look in the craft isle for these goodies. Ideal for ages 3-7.  This would be a great Christmas present, or a sanity saver in you live in a state where the next 5 months of weather will be horrific, like myself.

I also liked that this in NON-TOXIC ... you know in case your youngest child likes to try and taste magic dough. Rose Art Magic dough is corn-based, wheat-free, and gluten-free. Oh and it is battery free ... bonus.!

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A huge thanks to rose art for sponsoring this post!


Ashlea with an a said...

I kinda wish I would have got the dino set even with all girls! This is awesome. great photos

Susan Liberatore said...

This looks like SO much fun! My kids were always big fans.

Gina Norman said...

You have been busy, PROPS for sure--kids must have LOVED this!!!

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon Designs said...

My son would have LOVED this when he was little! Such a clever idea and the Roseart product look wonderful!