the olive tree: the man in the big red suit.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

the man in the big red suit.

confession: I am the kind of gal who moves right onto Christmas once Halloween is over. I love Christmas. Love it.

So with that said, can we talk about the man in the big red suite? Truth be told, I was very adamant pre-kids that we would not allow our children to believe in Santa. My husband grew up not believing in Santa, and I was seriously really, really, really old when I found out the cold hard truth. 
It is not that I dislike Mr. Claus. I just wanted our kids to know, really know, the reason we celebrate the Christmas season.  I did not go around exclaiming SANTA ISN'T REAL! I just tip toed around the subject. I never pushed Santa, I leaned more toward the nativity story. Wouldn't you know, that my oldest daughter would be slightly more obsessed with Christmas than I am. She is giddy about it all...the twinkling lights , fresh baked cookies, Christmas music, tinsel, and of course that included the man who's cheeks were like roses. 

The day came, as I knew it would, she looked at me with those big sparkly brown eyes and asked the loaded question, “Mom? Is Santa real?" I mustered up the guts to explain to her the real story of St. Nicholas...and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't look at her with all her excitement, and joy, and innocence, and tell her the truth. I tried. I failed. I chicken out. So I just let her be little. She will grow up fast enough. One day she will know the truth about Santa, princesses, and fairies. Today is not that day. As long as she knows the reason we celebrate the Christmas season is because God sent his son to this earth over 2,000 years ago, I don't mind a little Santa in the mix.

My favorite form of Santa definitely has to be T'was the Night Before Christmas. I have most of this poem memorized, and it such a sweet family tradition to read this story every Christmas Eve. Today's post is inspired by MyChronicleBooks they have taken it one step beyond by offering a chance to personalize T'was the Night Before Christmas. I am smitten. I can't even imagine how excited my daughter would be to get a Christmas book with her name in it! Perhaps I might have to get this and have it arrive with our Elf on the Shelf.!?

MyChronicleBooks is offering 30% off a personalized book just for signing up for their newsletter!? That is $10.00 off!!!!!! Making this personalized book only $24.00 plus shipping. They also offer gift cards and additional styles of personalized childrens books. Order By December 1st for free ecomony shipping to ensure Christmas delevery.

So tell me, do your kids believe in Santa?
Did you grow up believing in Santa?
How old were you when you found out the truth?  

A big thanks to MyChronicleBooks for sponsoring today's discussion.
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Susan Liberatore said...

This would be amazing! Love it. We're all about Christmas over here too.

Purposely at Home said...

yes ma'am!! i was just thinking today about how i needed to fill up my cd changer with my christmas cd's. LOVE this time of the year. <3


Katie said...

i never believed in santa but was a little jealous of kids that :) I don't know what we'll do with addilyn - maybe just tell her its a fun thing to pretend?? we'll have to see!!