the olive tree: letters

Monday, November 4, 2013


Dear Halloween, I don't really like you, but this year you were very enjoyable. The weather was perfect, the kids were happy, and the candy was bountiful.

Dear Lyla, I think you experienced your first sugar high. People were giving you candy left and right. Then when the adults cut you off, you proceed to steal, and find candy on the ground like a vulture. 

Dear Fall, You are the prettiest we have had quite a while. This is also the first year ever I have decorate the front porch!

Dear Walmart, I loathe you. I did however bank on the fact that you were selling carving sized pumpkins for only $1.00!!!

Dear weekend, You were nothing special. We stayed around the house mostly, but you left my heart feeling full and happy.

Dear hubs, Thank you for making my favorite, favorite, favorite meal. I know it takes you all day long to cook it, I think I love you just a little more for that.

Dear Mom, I hope you aren't reading this post. Sorry I didn't invite you over for dinner. The hubs said to call, but I didn't want to share. Forgive me, ok? hugs.

Dear Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, you put all other candy bars to shame.

Dear Jude and Elisabeth, thanks for sharing your Reece's cups with me.

Dear readers, I am super excited to share some sponsored post with you later this week...which may or may not apply to this and this.


Katie said...

agree about the peanut butter cups! they are my favorite!

Kelly said...

Christina. I love Walmart. But I have to go before 8 am to avoid all the people. All my gym clothes are from walmart and I have a serious addiction to the better homes and gardens wax melts. Like seriously. I need an intervention. Still friends?

Reese' there any other candy? The answer is No.

Alexa said...

Yes on Reeces and agree about Halloween. Not my favorite holiday. But this year was fun!

Denise said...

while you munch on the Reeces pass over the Threes Musk :)

Your people are cuties.

Erica said...

Sweets do sounds like the best part of halloween, even if they result in vulture-like behaviour ;) I obviously live in ignorant bliss, never having tastes a reeces peanutbutter anything, though I do crave peanut butter now.

Gina Norman said...

haha amazing !

Leah said...

with ya on the Reese's train. so delicious. and while speaking of delicious, the fact that you have a board dedicated to bread on pinterest, affirms why i like you. lol. so much goodness there! :)

Susan said...

I love the Reece peanut butter cup. Perfection in one tiny little package. I am curious about this meal!!!

17 Perth said...

Dear Christina. You know I loathe wal-mart too...But $1.00! Way to go wal-mart. That is a steal. And, your kiddos are absolutely ADORABLE. :) Loved reading that about lyla. Hilarious. I don't blame her. lol.