the olive tree: may or may not.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

may or may not.

may or may not.

I may or may not love photos.

I may or may not have 11,590 photos stored in my iphoto.

I may or may not have not printed photos since lyla's first birthday.

Lyla's birthday may or may not have been in march.yikes.

I may or may not pull out photo albums to display according to seasons.

I may or may not have had to stop that, because a certain brown eyed girl in our house likes to rip pages out of books...including photo books...she will remain nameless...she knows who she is.

I may or may not call a photo a "success" if all three  of my kiddos are in the shot...regardless of which direction they are looking in.  

I may or may not have gotten the above personalized post card from the cardstore.

It may or may not have only cost 1.39!!

I may or may not have liked it so much, I framed it. 

I may or may not think that sending a personalized post card might make for some great happy mail.

Anything you may or may not have been up to today?

p.s. If you get a chance check out the cardstore, they have some really cute products. You can also type a message on the post card, and send it directly to the recipient. The quality of the postcard is absolutely  frame worthy.

p.s.s  discount code: CCN3203 gets you 30% holiday cards and invitations.


Susan Liberatore said...

Honestly, you crack me up! And these are my favorite posts!!

I may or may not have started my Christmas shopping! Go me!

17 Perth said...

I am with Susan....these ARE my favorite posts. :) And I may or may not love photos too. And I may be totally impressed by the number of photos you have in your iphoto. lol.

I may or may not be guilty of printing photos also too!

And--I may or may not be in the process of creating a photo book right now!

Leah said...

love these posts. you are hilarious! and that number of photos stored in your iphoto may or may not have made my eyes widen. lol!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I totally need to print more photos :)

Jenni Price illustration said...

I agree, getting kids together for photos is for sure a challenge....and I may and may not have seen a little bit of snow today :)

Alli said...

oh my goodness, that photo of your kiddos is so sweet. I have the same photo issue, hundreds just sitting on my phone going no where. You've inspired me to get some preholiday printing done.

Denise said...

oh, i have been looking for an economical postcard make'n place. yeah!

my husband is a photographer, who also works in a fine art printing lab... and guess who never gets her pix printed. :)

Erica said...

I love this post - it makes me feel better bout not printing photos either, even though I want to I just never get around to it!

Kelly said...

i love the photo. its adorable!

i bought some post cards last year from sincerely. i'll have to check out this company.