Thursday, September 19, 2013

diy. fairy wand.

One of my favorite things to do during the fall season, is to walk around The Plaza. It is no New York City, but I'll take it. My favorite, favorite store to visit is THIS. I am not even joking. I love the books, the bedding, the play kitchens, story time for the kids.

With that said, I was thrilled when I got asked to be part of a Pottery Barn Kids campaign. The task was simple find my favorite costume via PBK and come up with a simple craft to go with it. The fairy costumes stole my heart. I mean you can't really ever go wrong with tulle and tutus...can you?

ok here we go.

Step one: Put the baby down for  a nap. This is a crucial step if you have a baby. Even more crucial if your baby happens to be Lyla. Sewing needles, hot glue guns, and teeny tiny sequence don't mix with that girl of mine. Step two: you will need FELT, NEEDLE & THREAD, SEQUENCE (optional) , SCRAP RIBBON, STUFFING, and A STICK. Step three: Use a cookie cutter to trace a star on two pieces of felt, and then cut the stars out. Step four: Stitch the stars together...leaving a small hole to add stuffing. Step five: Stuff the star. If you don't have stuffing you can a plastic grocery bag...I am all about not spending money and using what you have. Step six: Stitch the star together. Step seven: glue sequence to the star. You can use fabric glue, or a hot glue gun. Step eight: Attach star to stick, and then tie some ribbon around for an extra touch of prettiness. Step nine: test your wand out on your children by playing Little Bunny Foo Foo. Watch them fight over who gets to be the fairy, while explaining that we don't actually need to "bop" the field mouse on the head as hard as we can.

ok. you can skip the first and last step.

cost: Less than $1.00 to make!

A big thanks to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this post. 

pshhhht.  currently pottery barn kids is offering 20% all treats bag,  PLUS FREE SHIPPING!


Kelly said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

these wands are intended for children, but they look like so much fun -- i might just make one for myself. wave it around when i need my husband to give me a kiss? okay, that was cheesy. oh well, so am i. i laughed when you mentioned step 1 -- put the baby down. good that you have a nice sense of humor about it :)

Erica said...

This is so sweet - It would have made my day as a child getting one of these! They bring back memories of teaching ballet, and the little girls would LOVE to dance with fairy wands at the end of class - but sometimes the tops would fly off or they'd smack each other while dancing. Who says ballet-dancers (esp 3 year old ballet dancers) aren't tough? ;)

Susan Liberatore said...

Their costumes are THE best! And I love this little wand. So, so cute. Ava would love it.

Kayla Janachovsky said...

So adorable! I'm hosting a throw pillow giveaway that you should enter!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Any little girl would be sure to love this! x

Katie said...

this is so cute! i want to make one for my niece for christmas!

Alexa said...

Ah Christina my daughter would LOVE this. Such a sweet idea for a little girl!