Monday, August 19, 2013



step one: find a kid or two that is "really really bored."/// step two: just for fun add a baby who likes to climb on chairs, and tables, and get into everything she isn't supposed to. /// step three: buy some shaving cream (i really splurged and got mine from the dollar store) /// step four: make all your birthday cakes from scratch, and as a result have a ton of green & blue food coloring just laying around the house. /// step five: explain a few times that the only colors you have are green and blue. /// step six: explain again that you do not have pink and you do not have orange dye. /// step seven: get a cookie sheet, or pan, or dish. /// step eight: spray shaving cream in the pan of your choosing. /// step nine: answer questions about why the shaving cream "smells funny" while pulling the baby, from step two, off the table /// step ten: give kids food coloring and allow them to squirt it all over the shaving cream. /// step eleven: give them tooth picks, and plastic spoons to draw and paint colors with. /// step twelve: put the baby from step two down for a nap, and then enjoy 30 mins of peace while the other children play in the shaving cream. the end.

note: use old clothes or aprons to play in...this can get messy and stain
p.s. you can also use the painted shaving cream when finished to "paint" the shower walls and bath tub during bath time (be careful though bright colors can stain) 


Trina said...

You are so brave. And your kids are lucky to have a fun/creative mom. Go you! :)

Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

haha, I love your steps! Your such a wonderful mama!

Kelly said...

this is hilarious! :) :)

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

We do this exact thing to make swirled frames! Just plunk cheap wood frames (from Michaels or JoAnns) face down in the shaving cream once they've swirled colors a bit. Makes really fun patterns on the frames. Just wipe cream off and it drys fast. Let them add fun puffy fabric stickers, or initials!

Katie said...

how fun! i want pictures of them playing with it! :)

Susan said...

Honestly? You totally cracked me up this morning.
I find you quite hilarious. Truth. xo