Tuesday, July 2, 2013


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nine lovely years ago today the hubs made me the luckiest girl in the whole world. i sure to love that man. happy anniversary.

disclaimer: by no means am i a marriage expert /// but i do have a pretty good one if i might say so ... so here are a few little marriage tips via me

one /// get a little jesus in your relationship. seriously folks. if you have a spouse that loves God... the holy spirit will convict them quicker than you can. god works great on peoples hearts. when you keep god first everything else falls in line

two /// don't talk bad about your spouse. don't do it. it is toxic. i cringe when i see wives get together and have a husband bash. hubs, your my bff and i don't trash talk my bff.

three /// laugh a lot. in case your looking for topics to laugh about you could get a crazy hyper chocolate lab (or two)  or watch something funny really late at night. of course by really late at night i mean like 11 pm (we've got three kids...we haven't seen midnight in years)

four /// a pastor once told me that it should be my job as a spouse to make it so that no one treats my husband better than me and vice verse. best marriage advise i have ever gotten.

these are just a few that  made my list...

are there any you want to add??

finding out your and your spouses love language is helpful too ... click here for the quiz.

ok and one more...a well feed spouse is a much happier spouse :) 


Susan Liberatore said...

These are wonderful. We've been married for 16 years this November and while it hasn't been perfect...it is ours and we're still going strong.
Advice? Allow the other to do what they love. Don't hold them back. Even when that means buying a motorcycle...which you may or may not agree with. Ahem.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Happy Anniversary! Great advice. My advice after 14 years of marriage is to keep your expectations of your spouse fair and realistic. Enjoy your celebration today.

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Be your husbands biggest fan and give pep talks freely.

When we got married, our priest told said, "i know you love each other now, but if you two keep Christ in the center of your marriage this is just a tiny glimpse of how much you will really love each other." we laugh about it now because it turned out to be so true. but that day in our marriage counseling session i remember thinking "really? i already love him so much." but in all honesty i don't think i really knew what it meant to love a person. with each passing day i find new reason to fall in love all over again.

so there's another one don't let a day pass without recognizing the small stuff.

beth said...

Christina, this is beautiful! Happy Anniversary Lovebirds!

Alli said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fabulous day.

This is all great advice, especially about treating your spouse better than you would treat yourself. You should always try to lift them up.

My only advice for marriage is to find someone who has the same values as you but not necessarily the same interests. Max and I believe in the same things and have the same family values, but we don't have a lot of interest cross over. He likes to kayak I prefer to canoe. He loves Kanye West and I want to be as far away from Kanye as possible. That way our life is always interesting, we are always trying new things and going outside our comfort zone. But at the end of the day we know what direction we want our life to go in and faith the same to go forward.


Gina Norman said...

OH my goodness, LOVE this!!!And I love what Kelly shared xoxo

Erica Malcolm Bartlett said...

Hi :)
Came across your blog for the first time today (only started blogging a month ago!), and having been married for just a little over 3 months, THANK YOU for such realistic and do-able advice :)
<3 Erica