Friday, June 28, 2013

the 4th.

{ source + how to = confetti sunshine

This weekend kicks off one of my favorite weeks of the year /// The weather is warm, summer is in full bloom, a wedding anniversary, and oh yes...that little thing called 4th of July /// So here is a little fourth of July link list ///

let freedom ring! {ring pop style} so cute!
no bake watermelon cake ... say what?   
4th of July red,white, & blue drinks t[his is cool i did it last year!! pour slow and get drinks with difference amounts of sugar}

note: last year we ditched out of the family festivities  a little early to go home and put Lyla to sleep.  Hubs, Elisabeth, Jude and I grabbed lawn chair and bowls of ice cream and sat in the driveway and watch he firework display from all the surrounding neighborhoods. It was a sweet little family memory. 

what are your plans for the 4th? 
what are some of your favorite recipes or traditions? 


My Froley said...

This is cute !! I'm so bummed I am not going to be in USA on 4th July, I am flying in on the 9th :( I was there 2 years ago for independence day and there was a big street party where I was which was awesome!

bandofbrothers said...

what cute lil flags!!!

Purposely at Home said...

the fourth is definitely a time of celebration and excitement. :) we'll probably do something small because we leave the next day for a 10-day mission trip. :D


17 Perth said...

This all sounds like so much fun!!! I want that strawberry cake so bad right now!!! Lol.

Every year I run the peachtree road race in Atlanta with family and friends. It's the largest 10k in the world and so much fun!!

Kayla Rose said...

Your plans sound so fun! I don't have plans yet, but my friends and I are working on it. Last year I got stuck celebrating by myself, so I'm going to be sure not to let that happen again! :)

~Kayla Rose

Care said...

Oh these made me want to jump up and down! Love the flags- hope you have a beautiful blessed 4th!

Katie said...

i'm excited for fireworks! last year we didn't have any because it was SO dry here!

Susan Liberatore said...

Last year was the first year we were ever in the U.S. on the 4th! It was just amazing! A patriotic bunch you all incredible to see and witness first hand. Enjoy!! xo

sleepingshouldbeeasy said...

Hi, dropping by from Kerry's blog :) I'm excited for the holiday too, although I admit I won't be able to join my three year old and husband for fireworks festivities as I'll be home with my infant twins this year. Still, I'll celebrate in my own way by baking strawberry/blueberry shortcake with my kiddo for a little bit of red white and blue!

petal and plume said...

i adore your blog - so full of wonder and beauty

Gina Norman said...

so super cute C!!!

I hope you have a lovely holiday--not sure what we are up to, but if I feel ok we are going to Mpls :)