the olive tree: friday letters.

Friday, March 8, 2013

friday letters.

{source + where to buy = smart anna }

{source + where to buy = salt tabs}

dear lyla, when you babble you point your finger in the air and sound just like this. not even joking. it is so funny.

dear jude, when you get excited about something you get louder and louder, and your voice gets higher and higher. it, too is funny.

dear elisabeth, when you ask the hubs to fix something you sound just like this ... "paste it daddy!"

dear husband, your hot.

dear crayola, thanks for making your products non toxic...just sayin' ... you know in case a small baby ate a crayon or something like that.

dear kraft mac and cheese, get with the program and change your ways or i will stop buying you.

dear coffee and jesus, you get me through more mornings than you will ever know.


Ashlea with an a said...

Lovely letters! I was so not aware of the Mac and cheese petition going on! I'm so with you-why the hell does uk have stricter laws? Hmmm.

Esther said...

i absolutely love that collar!

also- i love when i end up on a blog that i think is a hidden gem and i think "i need to tell people about this blog!!" and see the sidebar and i see that several of my friends sponsor it... that's what just happened! haha love love love your blog :) happy weekend!

17 Perth said...

HA. Love your letters! And thanks for the heads up on Kraft! That is crazy--but I know I shouldn't be surprised.

And I am with you on the husband--haha--mine of course..not yours. ;)

And Amen to Coffee and Jesus. I literally thank Him for it a lot of days. Haha.

shayla. said...

wow such cute products!!
love your blog :)

Purposely at Home said...

fridays letters are amazing. loved yours. :) have an awesomesauce day, friend.


Courtney B said...

You are so cute! Those babies and their mouths... can't keep anything out of 'em!
I'll be honest, we prefer western family mac n cheese over kraft, HA HA!

Susan Liberatore said...

This post kinda made an already perfect day, even better.
I spent the day with Izzy...a little dr's visit (yuck!) a little shopping (yay!).
So, you have the Godfather living with you do ya? Too funny!
Your crayon comment made me lol.
And re: kraft dinner. Amen. I stopped buying it already. That was hard for me. A staple growing up!

Hanna said...

Love it:)

Kelly said...

This post is cute. Love the links. Have a great weekend.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

One of my kids ate a crayon too. I am just getting too old to remember which one it was!

Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

Dear Cristina~ Your blog rocks and you make me laugh. XO

beth said...

I love your comment~
coffee and Jesus, you get me through more mornings.....


Alexa said...

Word on the Crayola. Ha. Hope you had a great weekend!

Saeed Zia said...
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Anonymous said...

I think with Jesus and coffee I would be a real mess.

tahir sumar said...
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