Monday, March 4, 2013

pinned and did kids edition

{ source via pinterest } (art work by isabellla hessedjian)

We live in  state where you can't really get outside in the winter months, which makes entertaining kiddos interesting, thank you pinterest!

We have pinned and did quite a few things lately ... thank you snowstorm. 

I did this, it took a long time collecting the boxes and cutting the letters ... e wasn't interested and jude just threw the letters all over the floor. pinterest fail

I made this mailing letter with e ... she liked it and now we write letters to each other. I need to make more.

The hubs totally put swings in the basement. yeah, yeah ... I know he is super cool.

 We made super bubbles ( a small version for inside ) they were so fun! They stuck to each other and didn't pop right away. All 3 kiddos were impressed.

And last but not least, we made homemade orange creamsicles ... they tasted like a pushpop.

anything you have pinned and did lately??


Susan Liberatore said...

You seriously amaze me.
I do a whole lot of nothing from what I pin! Still "planning" Ava's hairclip frames. #fail.
Are those rocks up top? Too cute! Loved the website.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Swings?! Holy Moly that is awesome! All my relatives live in the MN and N.D. I was always so envious of their fun basements when I was a kid. Now I appreciate that we have outdoor access all year round!

Leah said...

i'm so bad at pinning things and never getting around to it. momfail.
those envelopes are the cutest! i bet my daughter would love that idea and the swings, girl you were just bumped to coolest basement status. we don't have basements here, but i wonder if i could install one in their rooms. hmmmm. too much?

My Eclectic Loft said...

Love the ideas even though I don't have any small children around. I thought the swing in the basement was TOTALLY AWESOME would like one for me.

michelle @ this little light said...

Girl, you get an A+ in the mommy department. I think I've rocked the world when I take The Boy to the library and playground in one day. If he ever met you, he'd seriously consider moving.

bandofbrothers said...

swings in the basement? i'm jealous!

those rocks are super cute. as are the felt letters!

and i looooooove orange creamsicles. too bad i'm allergic to dairy. (wat wat wat goes the sad trombone)

17 Perth said...

Yall have swings in the basement!!?? LOVE that!! Normally I don't do hardly anything I pin--but I am getting better! Haha. (Buying a house and having a serious budget will do that to you I am learning!) :)

Krystal said...

those are so cute! that is a great idea..

Kelly said...

i will say it again. i wish pinterest was around when my dudes were little. what fun.

Rambles with Reese said...

That's so awesome Christina! I can't believe you have a swing in your basement. I hope you will post pics of it.

I've pinned so much today my head is spinning :-)))). It's one of those things that really relax me, and it's super addictive too. I don't know if those two things go together.