Tuesday, November 13, 2012

leagally blind.

so I can't see. like I really can't see with out the help of glasses or contacts.

last time I was in the eye doctor's I jokingly ask. "At what point does my eye site keep deteriorating and I  become legally blind?"

he said, "well, let me look at your chart". he paused. and replied///  "oh your way past that point, already."

legally blind folks. that's me.

which bring me to glasses. I actually need them to see. they are so crazy expensive and I also need contacts. soooooooooo with that said have you ever heard of GlassesUSA.com ? They seriously have the cutest glasses. cutest. They have a great selection of eyeglasses in men's and women's. They also have a great section glasses frames in name brands including Guess and Coach. They have all types of frames, full frames, semi-rimless, and rimless. I prefer full frames b/c my lens are so thick. (go ahead you can laugh). They also have frames starting as low as $38.00! With the glasses trend going on right now 38 dollars is a great deal for high quality frames even if you don't actually need them to see and you just want them for style.  p.s. they also have a refer a friend program and super great benefits like price guarantee.

GlassesUSA.com has a great feature called the virtual mirror!

which is a great feature for ordering online! 

have you ever  order eyeglasses online?

today is your lucky day if your in the market for glasses /// GlassesUSA.com is offering my readers the following:
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Karen said...

Oh man, already past legally blind??? Not a good sign. Thankful for those corrective lenses!!

Susan said...

So...I'm not there just yet but I do have astigmatism which causes me to need glasses for the computer and for reading.
Annnnd, I just bought a new pair. I would have totally tried these!

Lauren Gaines said...

I've ordered glasses online through coastal contacts. I never heard of glassesusa, so thanks for sharing!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I had lasik about 6 years ago, but my eyes are already needing glasses for night driving. My husband wears glasses, too. I can't believe what great prices this site has. I just told my husband to look it up. Thanks!

michelle @ this little light said...

Glasses are NOT what they used to be. I'm actually proud to wear mine because they look so darned good, and I'm loving this post because I could use a back up!

I remember back in the '80s my friend had a big, red-framed pair, like the talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael. Wow, we've come a long way!

ginanorma said...

wow, I had no idea!!! Awwww

Faith and Love said...

veryy cute glasses!

Denise said...

how funny that the doctor remarked you are past that point.

on the upside you GET TO wear darling glasses! my eye sight is great (so far), no cute glasses for me.

Meagan said...

I'm so curious what your prescription is. I'm -9 and have not met many people with the same or worse. I'm afraid that I'll lost my sight altogether! And I look a little ridiculous in glasses but I've been meaning to get a new pair forever. The local eye chain is having vision exams for $1 this month - I'm on it!