Wednesday, October 24, 2012

devotional wednesday/ jude style.

{ source: the olive tree } (free print for your taking) 

Hubs was rocking we fall down in worship one Sunday

We cry holy holy holy 
is the lamb

Jude could not contain his excitement when he heard this song.
He grabbed my face and shouted ... "mom this song is about LAMBIE!" 

"Lambie" just so happens to be his number one pal, a cute little stuffed animal.

This made me smile. 
I told him he might be right, but I think the lamb they are singing about is Jesus.

One the way home he requested to hear we fall down in the car.

I later hear him singing in his room:

"we cry homey homey homey
is the lamb"

This also made me smile. I'm cool with that Jude, Jesus is my homeboy too. 


Jessica said...

love the print!

Jamie Van Nuys said...

love the print, and the sweet story about Jude and his homey lamb is just too cute!! I love that song, so much, there is something so special about it!

stephanie said...

this is so cute!!! my paisley has a "lamby" too ; )

michelle @ this little light said...

Love the print AND the post ... "homey, homey, homey" ... aww, that makes me giggle.

Denise said...

oh! this is the sweetest. i am so glad you shared.

i have many stories that are similar with my own children.

i pray these "truths that have been revealed to them (your children. my children) will not be taken from them or their children's children" duet 29:29

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh my heart is just melting right now. what a precious moment

anna lizbeth said...

love the post and the print is perfect!

Jenni Price said...

That is hilariously cute!

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

so cute!!! :) Love the name Jude. xoxo

Kelly said...

jude is such a character. these little posts about the things he says always tickle my heart.

Katie said...

that was one of my favorite worship songs from high school youth group. and really funny about the homey, homey :)

kaylee@life chasers said...

This cracked me cute

Ali W. said...

This is such a pretty print. I love all your stuff.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Love when littles have so much enthusiasm for worship. Digging the print, too.