Monday, October 29, 2012


 { white streamers + juice boxes  + google eyes = mummies }

{ honeycrisp apple + peanut butter + just bunches cereal = my favorite fall meal } 
{ just slice apples, dip in peanut butter and then dip in cereal } 

dear hunger games, 
you are all the hype and did not disappoint.

dear halloween,
I am so glad you are almost over. 

dear jude,
will this make the 3rd year in a row you will refuse to dress up for trick treating?

dear elisabeth,
by halloween you will have dressed up as snow white, belle, and a fairy ... I like how you roll.

dear lyla,
you are going as a skunk...that is non negotiable.

dear hubs,
can't wait to raid the candy basket with you after the kids go to bed  :) 

dear readers,
I am not the only who raids the candy basket...right?


Susan said...

1. I SO agree! Have you seen the movie yet? Not as good as the book but definitely not bad.
2. Me too!
3. No way. That is hilarious.
4. Awww. I like how she rolls too!
5. Can't wait to see pics.
6. lol
7. Definitely not! I start raiding those bags for my faves the moment we get home.

Happy Monday sweet friend! xo

Soph said...

ilovethis. :) And no of course you arent the only one XD

michelle @ this little light said...

That's correct! Especially if there are Nestle Crunches in the goodie bag.

Oh, how I loved when their outfits were cut and non-negotiable. I miss the chubby little lion with the huge mane. This year, The Boy's going as a "Special Forces" agent.


Kelly said...

not the only one i'm a raider. or was my kiddies haven't dressed up or gotten candy in three years. i cried the first year they didn't.

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

apples and peanut snack/meal ever! xoxo

Katie said...

i love the skunk! and the letter to your husband! :)

Jessica said...

i was just thinking about Hunger Games the other day. I liked it too:) and I'm to move past Halloween and on to Thanksgiving.

Denise said...

i so raid the candy, and in fact tell my kids this is their one time a year to "bring home the bacon!"
bacon= chocolate.

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love peanut butter and apples but have yet to dip them in cereal. that is my next snacking adventure although im sure it isn't much of an adventure because i already know it is an awesome snack thanks to your recommenation

Ali W. said...

hahaha this is so cute. I thought Hunger Games was so good too! I am secretly kinda glad Halloween is almost over too...on to the holidays!!

Jessica Johnson said...

no you are not the only candy basket raider. i am raiding as i type. thanks for linking up. super cute mummies! and i'll need to try that apple snack... right up my alley!

melissa said...

My little boy refused to dress up this year. I think it was mostly because of an interrupted nap:/ and of course I totally raid the candy basket! Reese's are my favorite!!!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

The candy raiding is the best part of Halloween!

Lisa Fyfe said...

I had to hid the candy bowl in the garage!

Valerie Stewart said...

I think I have had more of her candy than she has :-) I'm an addict I can't help it. I blame everyone who gave the kiddo