Friday, April 27, 2012

reason 801

{ source + where to buy = play on words art}

{ source + where to buy = pardes}

reason 801 hubs is great...he brings me home Smarties bubblegum

reason 801 hubs is way more fun than me...he uses a hose to pull kids down slip n slides.

reason 801 my dogs drive me crazy...they pee on the garden joke.

reason 801 I love warm kiddos play outside all day and there are no messy rooms to clean.

Happy Friday!


Kelly said...

I like that print. And your 801's.

Trina {Beginner Beans} said...

Lol... my husband is way more fun than me too :) And I love getting the house cleaned up then getting the kids the heck outside! And returning to said clean house just in time for the kids to go to bed :) Doesn't happen often enough... Happy Friday!

Elisabeth said...

those bangles are awesome - and i love when people bring home little treats :)

Susan said...

Your 801's are too funny. My husband brought home a box of cupcakes the other day. That would have topped my own list. You and I are definitely sugar sisters!
And I may or may not have been on the Padres jewellery site for the last 15 minutes. Drooling. She has great stuff! BTW...the bracelet is sold. Boo.

Jamie said...

Those bracelets are so cute!

Katie*Belle said...

I love the print, the bracelets and your 801s! They're all great : )

Mamasita said...

Outside weather is the BEST!!!!! Bring on the warmth and the slip and slide! :)
My dog is outside chewing on a sand bucket as we speak.... I am ignoring her! :)

Alexa said...

Love love those bracelets!

Raquel said...

That is a great quote & oh so true!