the olive tree: DeVoTiOnaL WeDNeSDay~

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DeVoTiOnaL WeDNeSDay~

{ source: nan lawson}

But You say let it go, You say let it go
You say life is waiting for the one to lose control
You say you will be, everything I need
You said if I lose my life it's then I'll find my soul
You say let it go


katie said...

My daily mantra. It is a tough one for me.

Erin said...

lovely song :) great way to start my day! Thanks love :)

Flor said...

I think you've read my mind. I've been thinking lately that I need to let go of some stuff/committments..

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

A bloggy friend sent me the link to your post. I love it. :)

Karen said...

Perfect day for me to have read this! Thank you!

Kyle said...

i need this print. thank you for sharing it!

Raquel said...

Let it go is amazing advice. It's harder than it seems though.