Friday, July 29, 2011


{ source + how to = Design Sponge}

{ source + tutorial = lil luna}

{ source+ how to = make it and love}

{ source + how to = merry mis hap }

On my mind this Friday:

I am guilty of this.

I made THIS for Elisabeth...she loves super easy!!!! I didn't bother with sewing velco, she is old enough to take it sure to add the velco if you feel this could be a choking hazard.

This actually does work...I've done it...quite a few times.

Wednesday was my little brother's 13th birthday & My in laws 37th wedding anniversary!


Dirty Dancing might just be the best soundtrack.ever.

HaPpY FriDAy!


17 Perth said...

Hahaha--I am still laughing out loud about the phone comment---I do that ALL the time! Why do we do that anyways? haha.

Adrian said...

The cape is fantastic...I'm going to have to make that.
I didn't know the mayo trick...awesome!
And I want that lemonade stand, in my backyard, just for me.

Kelly said...

I'm with on the dirty dancing soundtrack. Love it.

Raquel said...

Yeah sometimes I get distracted by an email or tweet & I forget that I was checking the time!

Babymama said...

You have a 13 year old brother? Dang...I feel o-l-d.
I learn something new from you every time I visit!
Happy Weekend.

hannah singer said...

dirty dancing is one hot soundtrack, for sure.
i KNEW mayo was wonderful! wow.

xo make a great day!