Tuesday, July 5, 2011

diy & Jude

{ source + how to = p.s. i made this}

{ source + how to = method home}

{source + how to = family chic}

On my mind this Tuesday:


Jude used to smell like cookies and dirt now he smells like syrup and sunscreen...I sure do love that little boy.

Jude gives to best hugs...he wraps his arms around my neck so tight...sighhhh.

Jude can spell his name if you ask him to...but can't tell me when he has to go potty...geez louise kid...seriously?

If Jude doesn't stop jumping off/on the couch...I might lose my mind...

We had a really lovely fourth of July, yesterday, with family...lunch under a willow tree, fireworks, guitar playing...and Jude feel asleep in my lap, before 9pm...so he didn't see the fireworks :)

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Patchie said...

It blows my mind when kids sleep though something loud and exciting like fireworks. Why can't we retain that later in life? I wake up at the drop of a dime! Haha

Mo Pie, Please said...

I agree with Patchie - how can they sleep through all that noise? When my nephew visited us here a few years ago, we took him on an architecture cruise around Chicago on a boat that ended with fireworks. He fell asleep about 10 minutes befre the fireworks started and couldn't wake up.

Jude is cute!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Love the scarf necklace thingy. Really pretty.

Jumping off of couches. I hear ya, that can set my nerves on edge. Do they always have to be jumping around? lol.

Claire said...

you've been an extra-busy creative bee :)
a lovely post - thanks for coffee!

emilyjsimpson said...

I found that picture of the scarves a week or so ago and have been trying to find it again! Thanks for posting! I actually made one and it turned out great! Have you made one yet?

{Amy} said...

sometimes i wish i could sleep that good! sounds like a fun weekend!

Raquel said...

I'm totally into pearl necklaces & big chunky beaded necklaces with ribbon. Super pretty & girly pieces.

Jenni Price illustration said...

Beautiful pearl necklace-so striking! It was hot yesterday and lovely at night here, perfect for watching fireworks from our local college.

That's a smart little boy of yours!

Jami said...

aaawwww, Jude sounds like my Nathan! Love the arms wrapped around my neck and yes...can you just tellme when you have to pee??!!
Pretty pearl necklace ;)

christi @ burlap and basil said...

thanks for linking these tutorials. i'm planning my quarterly crafternoon and needed some ideas!!