Monday, June 6, 2011

paint chips.

{ source + how to = Grace & Light Studio }

{ source + how to = Elle's Studio }

{ source + how to = the haystack needle }

{source: real simple }

For even more paint chip ideas click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

On my mind this moring:

Elisabeth is sooooo close to swimming on her own.

Jude climbed out of his crib the weekend...twice. I love the land of cribs, where you just give a kiss, say goodnight, and shut the door... the big boy bed not so much.

I lost my coffee this morning. I set it down...somewhere? I am sure I will find it later some place crazy like the oven.


"Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?" " haha...why?"... can anyone name that movie??



katie said...

Losing your coffee...haha. I've made mine before, left it because I was so busy, reheated in the microwave, and then turned off the beeping reminder that it was ready because I was busy with something else and finally forgot that it was in there. : )

Alyss said...

Duh... Tommy Boy. Haha ohmygosh you need to live next door to me. And how about losing the milk gallon? Did that a few months ago. Found it in the tupperware pantry the next morning.

P.S. Who knew you could do so much with paint chips?!

Jenni Price Pancake Art said...

Wow lots of super cute paint chip ideas!!!

Love your comment about the coffee....wonder where it will be???

denise* paper angels said...

this post is so pretty! love it.x

Jami said...

Those are such great ideas! Last time I lost my coffee I found it in the linen closet. Makes perfect sense ;)

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

I love these paint chip ideas! We have a folder full of 'em.

Kelly said...

paint samples are so fun to play with. i love how everyone i getting so crafty with them.

the fox family channel said...

such cute ideas! how fun! thanks for sharing :)

and losing your coffee...haha that's great! i've lost my coffee before and we don't even have kids goodness, i wonder what it will be like when we have littles running around!

grace said...

I love your collection of paint chip DIY!
I just found that garland over the weekend & I want to try it!
Ooh and those gift tags are so fun!

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

what awesome little diy's!
i lose my coffee too sometimes...or leave it somewhere for hours then finally realize why i am still dragging..haha.
have a beautiful week :)

Raquel said...

Cute & creative! I don't drink coffee so I can't relate but I always lose my phone in the morning & it always seems to be in my closet of sitting on a stack of jeans when I start dialing it from my sister's phone lol

Brittney said...

Love this idea!
So glad you were featured on Houghton's Happenings!

Adrian said...

I love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing. And I'm loving your blog.

aPearantly sew said...

The comment about losing your coffee makes me laugh, and the thought of you finding it in the oven makes me laugh even harder. I can TOTALLY relate. The freezer is my go to place when I lose something. Can't find the car keys...check the freezer :)

Darcy said...

That heart garland is adorable!
Houghton Happening's sent me over!

Darcy said...

And about the cribs - we used to call them Baby Jail. In a good way! We love Baby Jail!