Thursday, April 14, 2011


{source + how to = HERE}

Wow! Check out this amazing idea!

In Other News:

I have a new blog follower: See that little cutie holding a golf club...looking for his next victim to hit...that's Jude.

Check out THIS cupcake.

Wow! There is an artist that makes watercolor painting, yes watercolors...they look like photographs!! Click HERE & HERE to see Rebecca Rivers works.

Click HERE...Pretty or creepy? I'm gonna vote creepy...what do you think?


Mo Pie, Please said...

Yeah..creepy. I saw Insidious last night and that's where my mind went when I saw that photo.

Mamasita said...

Ok... loving your blog! Just found yours from another blog that I follow and wanted to say hey! Can't wait to read on! :-)
Happy new follower,

kayla rotola said...

I would vote creepy for sure. So creepy.

Alyssa Rae said...


Anonymous said...

Um--I am saying creepy in a very cool way. But definitely creepy.

Jenni Price said...

Hey thanks for telling me about my pancakes on pinterest! It was a neat surprise! Okay, my vote is half and half on that dress photo. The colors and look to the photo are cool but the dress idea is creepy. Quite dramatic!