Thursday, December 16, 2010

christmas craft ideas

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Now that it is getting colder...going to the pool, park, and playing outside is no longer a practical way for us to spend our day...

My kiddos are awake, on average, about 14 hours out of the day.If I take into account cooking, eating, napping, t.v. watching, bathing, jumping, reading... I still have 6 or more hours of time to try and entertain my little monsters.

arts and crafts are a must.
I was fresh out of ideas today, so I went on a search at the queen of crafts website: www.marthastewart.comYou can find all the how to's and supplies for the following crafts
the reindeer straws
the mitten clips
snowman cards
gold Christmas trees
the holly

We will be trying the snowman with buttons today.///
Miss Roo is still learning how to use "just a dot, not a lot" with our glue bottles. It is very hard for her not to use half a glue bottle on one teeny tiny piece of paper.Good thing she's so cute.

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kayla rotola said...

cute crafts! i'll have to look these up when Caeley is in town for Christmas. i love the "just a dot, not a lot" line. : )

p.s. you are such a good little blogger! i need to get some themes and get better at this someday. : )