Monday, December 13, 2010

gingebead house

Gingerbread houses ///
For the past few years we have been buying and decorating gingerbread houses. Usually this consist of the hubs and I spending a large amount of the time trying to keep the gingerbread pieces together with massive amounts icing...all in hopes that it doesn't collapse.

This year we were extra lazy and bought a pre-made ginger bread house from Target. It was great///No collapsed houses here.Just the pure joy of adding the icing and candy.

I am fairly certain  more candy ended up in small tummies rather than on the house.

.{This house is now know as "Gingy's" house. Shrek watchers you know what I'm talking about}.


kayla rotola said...

awww, i love that sweet picture of your kids. : )

Precious said...

So Fun!!! I love gingerbread houses! Thank you so much for including my skirt :) ~vintageprecious

Fantastic Toys said...

Cute blog! Thanks for including my gingerbread pdf.

Jenni Price Illustration said...

Yeah it is cold! Brrr....7 degrees this morning over this direction! Your gingerbread house turned out cute! We always buy the store bought kind ourselves also. Afterwards it sits on the counter for a long time as the kids pick at it and I always wonder how long I have to keep it there before I could sneakily throw it out.