Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DeVoTiOnaL WeDNeSDay~

One of my favorite songs is a 30 min cut from Aaron Shust's song Give Me Words to Speak

Give me Words to speak Don't let my Spirit sleep
Cause I can't think of anything worth saying
But I know that I owe You my life
So give me Words to speak
Don't let my Spirit sleep

~Aaron Shust~

Often times I pray this exact phase..."Lord,give me words to speak". I am a very chatty person, to a fault, and I often need to take the time and choose my words. I need the words of comfort, encouragement, and love that only God can provide.

you can hear this song HERE


Jenni Price Illustration said...

Are your kids starting to adjust to the time change now? I think mine are settling in finally. It is strange though how it's getting dark so early you know?! I'm enjoying your devotionals :)

Handmade in Israel said...

Cute pics and meaningful words. I think we all need to sometimes think before we speak.
Enjoy blogging!

Heather Innusa said...

Nice quote. I'm with you on this. I say things sometimes and think - what in the world was I thinking (nothing mean just...not right at the time). I'm going to pray this more often. being left to my own accord...not good. ;)