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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lyla girl. 6!!

Lyla girl! 

Happy 6th birthday (3/26) my girl are sunshine in real life form. 

Happy birthday to the girl who is silly and wild. To the girl who loves dogs, puppies, and basically any breathing animal. To the girl who’s curiosity still gets her into mischief more times than not. 

Happy birthday to the girl who loves life, is always up for adventure, is always down for fun, and still finds eating boring. 

Happy birthday to my thrill the girl is is one of the loudest (when it comes to screaming)...but is also one of the quietest family the girl often lost in her own thoughts...or dream world. Dream big little’s a great quality you possess. 

Happy birthday to the girl who will abandon an ice cream cone to the girl who can really boogie...refuses to watch the girl who’s love language is off the charts GIFTS. To the girl who has sparkling eyes...loves warm days...despises the cold ones. 

Happy birthday to the girl who takes great care of her baby sister...loves to push the rules and stress her brother out...and adores her oldest sister’s company. To the girl who begs to have her friends come over and then abandons the play date twenty minutes in...cause she rather hang with Mom. 

Happy birthday to my most compassionate child. To the girl who can’t stomach to see anyone the girl who will walk out on any type of commercial that she deems “sad”. To the girl who is a kind friend, daughter, and sister...always bringing joy. 

Happy birthday to the lover of toy videos, sunflower seeds, the hammock swing, Chewbacca, the color blue, not cleaning up messes, swimming, art...or the freedom in making a mess that art brings, and exploring with Dad. 

Happy birthday to our night owl, sleeper in, or just plain lover of sleep...happy birthday to my fun, darling, lovely girl! 

I love you so much and we can way to see how God uses your compassion and adventurous spirit in this world. 


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