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Saturday, January 13, 2018

5 ways to get active with kids!

This post is sponsored by Dannon Oikos but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Dannon Oikos has a new line of yogurt out, available at Walmart, it’s delicious and filled with protein. 

Oikos® Protein Crunch Yogurt offers 17g of protein per 5.0 oz. cup, 6g of fiber per 5.0 oz. cup, and Zero Artificial Sweeteners.

Proteins is essential if you’re’s important to fuel your body with nutrients post workout. I’ve also personally found that a protein snack can help me get through the with my afternoon crash...give me a pick me up. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to find creative ways to get active with children. 

I never wanted my family to feel like they are working out per say...but it is me...that we get moving and get active. Being fit is  important for our over all health and I want to model to my children an active lifestyle. 

New flash: staying fit can be fun! 

Getting active together is a way for me to get my daily workout in + for me to squeeze in some quality time with my Little’s too! 


5 ways to get active as a family!

1.) go on a bike ride 

2.) go on a hike...explore! (This is one of our never know where the adventure might take you! this helps wear out our monstrous puppy)

3.) play a game of basketball, have a dribbling contest, play a game of tennis, or a family game of kickball in the back yard. 

4.) Dance  party! 💃🏻 🎉 turn up the music and dance! Play a few songs and you have incorporated some awesome cardio into you day! We also really love dancing along to Just Dance videos on YouTube...this is also a great activity for when it’s too cold or too hot to get outside. 

5.) Yoga! My kids love doing yoga! There are a ton of FREE options on of our favorite beings...Kids Cosmic Yoga.

Do forget the post workout snack! 

 Be sure to head to Walmart today and use this Ibotta offer when you purchase Oikos protein crunch. 

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