Monday, July 10, 2017

That time we went to the Field of Dreams movie set.


One random summer day we were all sitting around with nothing to do. No yards needed to be mowed, there were no baseball games, no swim meets, no was glorious. 

We decided to set our eyes to Iowa. The Field of Dreams movie set  as been a bucket place visit for me...I'm not sure why...I just always liked the idea of my husband and my son "having a catch" on that field. 

We packed and left. I also really wanted to make a pit stop in the lovely Dutch town of Pella, Iowa. Due to a few setbacks and tons of road closures...we were only in Pella long enough to use the restroom and buy some chocolate. I don't have any photos...due to a phone malfunction a while back. 

Off to Dyersville, Iowa. We arrived around 5pm...which had me all nervous because the Field closes at 6pm. Turns out just the gift shop only closes at 6pm...they stop giving house tours at 4pm...the field itself was open for quite a while! 

We had the whole  place to ourselves...well us and they 1.5 million flies!! So gross. They were crazy! Luckily the mowing crew showed up and the flies disappeared. We played a pick up game. The boys played catch. I dusted off my made softball skills and crushed the ball to the outfield. We met a dog or two and a few locals. We purchased a mug from the gift shop just in time. We shared a very expensive but oh so refreshing ice cold soda from the vending machine. The little girls stood behind the backstop digging in dirt...which is basically what they do three nights a week at their brother's game. We caught the magic light hour and my heart was content with all the photo taking. 

We jumped back in the car and headed to Des Moines for the night to stay at (for some odd reason?) my children's favorite hotel. 

It's amazing what you can do in a day. 

Traveling and making memories is my favorite. 

Field of Dreams movie set

children's favorite hotel. 

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