Tuesday, December 6, 2016

DIY winter wonderland bulb.



DIY bulb // step one: purchase clear bulbs over a year ago and then forget to use them for a whole season...wait until the following year to use them for a project // step two: to make this project more fun you should most defiantly do this craft on a Sunday afternoon when there is an ample amount of small bodies that would love more than anything to help // step three: spend at least 30 mins looking for the fake snow you confiscated from your baby a few days early...remember that you put it in a "safe place"...but now you can't remember where that safe place is // step four: find fake snow // step five: pull out those darling little tree you picked up at Target's hot spot...and be happy that you had to have them...because they are finally going to get used // step six: secretly put your fake snow inside your bulb...wait for your four year to scream..."I WANT TO HELP."...see  the other children corral around...spend the rest of your DIY time taking fake snow out of your toddler's hand...because she seems to want to do is throw it around like confetti // step seven: explain to your children why to the dog can't eat fake snow. // step eight: place tiny tree into bulb // step nine: listen to the many voices letting you know that the trees are lopsided...fix trees so they are straight // step nine: allow your oldest child to make their own winter wonder land tree bulb for their classroom ornament exchange // step ten: make empty promises about how you'll go back to the craft store and get more clear bulbs so that everyone can make their own ornaments. // step eleven: hang your bulb on your tree and get your self some coffee for surviving this ordeal // step twelve: spend the next five days cleaning up fake snow off your floors...and BAM! you're done! A cute and affordable DIY ornament in 12 easy steps.  

Feel free to skip a few of the above steps...and simple purchase a clear bulb, fake snow and mini trees...with out the help of little people this project should probably take you about 2 mins...instead of 9.1 million hours. :) 

COST: $5 for two ornament. 

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